step 1

Choose the right words

Before you prepare a speech, the two main questions at the basis of communication you have to ask yourself are: What is the “take-home” message ? Who is my audience ?

Our team believes that important messages deserve to be effectively communicated. We will teach you simple techniques to determine your public and its needs. Together with us,  you will improve your skills in speech writing, main concepts identification and transferring. Becoming a “flexible communicator” able to adapt to any kind of engagement: conferences, elevator pitch, public events, job interviews, etc. 

step 2 

The Graphic Toolbox

Scientific world has specific needs and we have them in mind. Accompanying your speech with easy and catchy slides is a “must” for effective communication. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to build nice slides, sum up your data in intuitive plots and give your presentation visual identity. No need to start from scratch! We will introduce you to our “Toolbox” which will provide you with ready-to-use templates, tools to get custom data visualization, free fonts package, pre-made colors associations and logos on-the-shelf.

step 3

Public Speech Coaching

Become an effective speaker. We developed two courses that will allow you to face the most common challenges of confronting an audience live or behind a camera.

This course brings together psychology and art. You will experience with the coach the techniques used in the theater world. A quick guide on “how to stay on stage”. 

step 4

Social Media

Whether you want to find partners, customers, to create a blog or share your latest research achievements, it is crucial to understand the specifics/characteristics of each media that are Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,.. And, as video is the most powerful communication tool, the formation will give you the knowledge on how to create and edit video with your smartphone. 

Dig also into the “speaking to a camera” course that will teach you how to lose inhibition and perform using your communication skills while being filmed. The coach will help you rehearsing your pitch while giving you tips on how to improve your performance in front of a camera. Our gift: every participant will get on video his project pitch, ready to be shared.