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Training Center

Every idea has a story behind!

Explore with us how to translate complex knowledge into an entertaining and well structured presentation, 

Writing Trainings

Important messages deserve to be effectively communicated. You will learn simple techniques to improve your skills in speech writing, main concepts identification and transferring. Becoming a “flexible communicator” able to adapt to any kind of engagement: conferences, elevator pitch, public events, job interviews and meetings.

Woman Writing
Graphic Toolbox

Scientific world has specific needs and we have them in mind. Accompanying your speech with easy and catchy slides is a “must” for effective communication. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to build nice slides, sum up your data in intuitive plots and give your presentation visual identity. 

Learn how to use templates, tools to get custom data visualisation  free fonts package, pre-made colours associations and much more.

Graphic Designer
Public speaking

Nonverbal communication is the act of conveying thoughts, feelings, or ideas through physical gestures,

posture, and facial expressions.

Naós Team has designed workshops

that tackle every aspects, from stage fear to how to use rhythm, gaze and gestures. Learn with us how to prepare for a debate, a conference talk, a job interview or how to catch the attention of you public.

Public Speaker
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